Almighty Father, who dost give

Almighty Father, who dost give. John Howard Bertram Masterman* (1867-1933). First published in In Hoc Signo: hymns of war and peace (1914), with music edited by Walford Davies*. It is eminently suitable for war time, but because the sentiments are general, it can be seen as a hymn for various purposes: after the war of 1914-1918 it came to be seen as a hymn for World Peace and Brotherhood (the heading of the section in which it appears in MHB). It could also be used for missions: it appeared in A Missionary Hymn Book (SPCK, 1922). It had four stanzas: Almighty Father, who dost give The gift of life to all who live, Look down on all earth’s sin and strife, And lift us to a nobler life. Lift...

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