Almighty Father, hear our cry

Almighty Father, hear our cry.  Edward Henry Bickersteth* (1825-1906). Written in 1869, this was published in Bickersteth’s  Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer* (1870). It was then printed in the Second Edition of A&M (1875) in the section ‘For Those at Sea’. It was retained in A&M (1904), and in the Standard Edition of 1922, but dropped from A&MR. Another version, also dated 1869, was published in Bickersteth's The Two Brothers, and other poems (1871), beginning ‘Lord of the ocean, hear our cry’. The hymn is annotated under this first line in JJ, p, 692-3. Bickersteth contrasted it with ‘Eternal Father, strong to save’* (the hymn that followed it in the Hymnal...

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