Alle Menschen müssen sterben

Alle Menschen müssen sterben. Johann Georg Albinus* (1624-1679). This celebrated hymn (no longer in EG) was written for the funeral of a Leipzig merchant, Paul von Henssberg, 1 June 1652, and then became well known. It is said to have been a favourite hymn of Philipp Jakob Spener*. It was translated by Catherine Winkworth* in The Chorale Book for England (1863) as ‘Hark! a voice saith, All are mortal’. She omitted verse 5, ‘Da die Patriarchen wohnen’ (‘there the Patriarchs dwell’), which was added by an unknown translator to The Lutheran Hymnal (Ohio, 1880), and is found in the 1941 edition of LH: Da die Patriarchen wohnen, Die Propheten allzumal, Da auf ihren Ehrenthronen Sitzet die...

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