All ye that seek a comfort sure

All ye that seek a comfort sure. Latin, probably 18th century, translated by Edward Caswall* (1814-1878). The Latin hymn, ‘Quicumque certum quaeritis’, is found in a Breviary published at Lisbon in 1786 (Ulysse Chevalier cites a Franciscan Breviary of 1757; see Frost, 1962, p. 193). It was appointed for vespers in the Office of the Sacred Heart, which is referred to in stanza 2, ‘ad cor reclusum vulnere,/ ad mite cor, accedite’. Caswall’s translation appeared in his Lyra Catholica (1849), with the first line as ‘All ye who seek a certain cure’. In the First Edition of A&M (1861) the hymn was printed with the first line changed to ‘All ye who seek for sure relief’. In the Second...

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