All this night shrill chanticleer

All this night shrill chanticleer. William Austin* (1587-1633). This attractive carol is the first of three ‘Carrols, for Christmas-Day’ from Devotionis Augustinianae Flamma (1635), the collection of his writings published by Austin’s widow after his death. In the original spelling the text was as follows: All this Night, shrill Chauntecleere (Dayes-proclaiming Trumpeter) Claps his wings, and lowdly Cryes (Mortals, mortals), wake and rise.       See a wonder,       Heaven is under. From the Earth, is risen a Sunne, Shines all Night, though Day be done. Wake (oh Earth), wake (everything)!  Wake, and heare the joy, I bring.     Wake, and joy, for, all this Night,  Heaven, and every...

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