All praise to our redeeming Lord

All praise to our redeeming Lord. Charles Wesley* (1707-1788). Entitled ‘At Meeting of Friends’, this was first published in Hymns for those that seek and those that have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus Christ (1747), in three 8-line stanzas: All Praise to our Redeeming Lord,  Who joins us by his GraceAnd bids us, Each to Each restor’d,  Together seek his Face.He bids us build each other up,  And gather’d into One;To our high Calling’s glorious Hope  We Hand in Hand go on. The Gift which He on One bestows  We All delight to prove,The Grace thro’ every Vessel flows  In purest Streams of Love.E’en now we speak, and think the same,  And cordially agree,Concentred all thro’ Jesus’ Name  In...

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