All people that on earth do dwell

All people that on earth do dwell. Probably by William Kethe* (d. 1594). This paraphrase of the 100th psalm was printed in two collections of psalms by the English Protestant exiles in Geneva, both entitled Four Score and Seven Psalmes of David in English Mitre [sic] (with slight differences in the title page) and published in 1561. It also appeared in John Day*’s Psalter of 1560-61. It was not included in The Whole Booke of Psalmes, the ‘Old Version’* of 1562, but appeared as one of two paraphrases of Psalm 100 in 1563. In some editions the psalm is printed with the initials I.H. (John Hopkins*) but others, including the Scottish Psalter of 1564, print ‘W. Ke.’. It is the only psalm from...

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