All hail, adorèd Trinity

All hail, adorèd Trinity. Latin, before 11th century, translated by John David Chambers* (1805-1893).  The Latin text of this hymn began ‘Ave! Colenda Trinitas’. According to JJ, p. 98, it was in The Latin Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church (Durham: the Surtees Society, 1851), from the Durham MS of the 11th century. Frost described it as ‘One of the Anglo-Saxon hymns for the Trinity office, but it did not find a place in the Norman and later Uses. Its versification is, in parts, not even accentual, but merely dependent upon the number of syllables’ (1962, p. 464). See ‘Medieval hymns and hymnals*, and Milfull, 1996, pp. 424-5.  Chambers’ translation was first published in his The Psalter, or...

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