All glory, laud and honour

All glory, laud and honour. Theodulf of Orleans* (ca. 760- ca. 821), translated by John Mason Neale* (1818-1866). This is a translation of the Latin hymn, ‘Gloria, laus et honor’*, attributed to St Theodulf (or Theodulph), who was bishop of Orleans, France. During the reign of Louis I (the son of Charlemagne), Theodulf was imprisoned in Angers for some time beginning in 818. According to Clichtoveus in his Elucidatorium Ecclesiasticum (Paris, 1516), the imprisoned bishop sang the hymn from his cell when the king of France, Louis the Pious, was passing, and the king forthwith ordered his release. As JJ pointed out (p. 426), this could not have been true: the date given for what he calls...

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