Ah Jesu Christ, my Lord most dear.

Ah Jesu Christ, my Lord most dear. Heinrich von Laufenburg* (ca. 1390- ca. 1460), translated by Catherine Winkworth* (1827-1878).  This tender German hymn is from a Strasbourg MS, dated 1429 in Wackernagel, Das Deutsche Kirchenlied, II. p. 534 (modern books date it 1430).  Winkworth translated the five 6-line stanzas, as follows:  Ah Jesu Christ, my Lord most dear, As Thou wast once an infant here,So give this little child, I pray,Thy grace and blessing day by day:    Ah Jesu, Lord Divine,    Guard me this babe of mine!  Since in Thy heavenly kingdom, Lord, All things obey Thy lightest word, Do Thou Thy mighty succour give, And shield my child by morn and eve:     Ah Jesu, Lord Divine,...

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