Aeterne rerum conditor

Aeterne rerum conditor. Ambrose of Milan* (339/340-397). This hymn is accepted as the work of St Ambrose. It is mentioned as one of Ambrose's hymns by Augustine of Hippo* and Bede* (see JJ, p. 26). Its use was widespread. It is found as the matins/nocturns hymn in the Old Hymnal and Frankish Hymnal (rarely), and as the hymn for Sunday Lauds in winter in the New Hymnal (see Medieval hymns and hymnals*). It continued in use throughout the Middle Ages in the various regional practices of the Roman liturgy. It has not translated well: JJ lists two in use, W.J. Copeland’s ‘Maker of all, Eternal King’ and Newman*’s ‘Framer of the earth and sky’. Edward Caswall* translated it as ‘Dread Framer of...

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