Ad cenam Agni providi

Ad cenam Agni providi. Late 8th century, author unknown. This hymn entered liturgical use as an Easter hymn in the Frankish hymnal. In the New Hymnal ‘Ad cenam Agni providi’ was the first of the Easter hymns, associated with Easter Vespers (see ‘Medieval hymns and hymnals’*). In the Durham Hymnal, an 11th century manuscript of the New Hymnal type, it was headed ‘Incipiunt Ymni de Resurrectione Domini’ (‘The hymns on the Resurrection of our Lord begin [here]’; see Milfull, Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church, pp. 284-5). Analecta Hymnica prints it from the Moissac Breviary as ‘Hymnus de Pascha domini ad vesperas’ (AH 2. 46). Frost, Historical Companion to Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1962, gives...

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