A Saviour who died our salvation to win

A Saviour who died our salvation to win. Ada Ruth Habershon* (1861-1918). This hymn is dated 1905, one of many written for the evangelistic campaign of Charles M. Alexander* with his teacher Reuben Archer Torrey*. It was sometimes entitled ‘Is He Yours?’,  taken from the refrain: Is He yours? Is He Yours? Is this Saviour, who loves you, yours? Another title was ‘The Pilot Song’, from stanza 3, which stands out from the other three more traditional stanzas, which celebrate ‘Saviour’, ‘Shepherd’ and ‘Shelter’: A Pilot who knoweth the dangers at hand, A Pilot who bringeth all vessels to land, - Yes, this is the Pilot, the Pilot we need, And He is a Pilot indeed! It was given a tune by...

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