A mighty mystery we set forth

A mighty mystery we set forth. Mary Peters* (1813-1856), altered by George Rawson* (1807-1889). This hymn appeared in Psalms and Hymns for the use of the Baptist Denomination (1858). In the Baptist Church Hymnal (1900) it was credited to Rawson. He has continued to be named as the author in some books, such as HP. The hymn is based on one by Mary Peters beginning ‘O Lord, whilst we confess the worth’, published in her Hymns intended to help the Communion of Saints (1847), a book published by Nisbet for the Plymouth Brethren, of which she was a member. The texts are as follows (the Baptist book of 1858 has not been available): Peters, 1847Rawson, 1900 O Lord, whilst we confess the worth...

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