A living stream, as crystal clear

A living stream, as crystal clear. John Keble* (1792-1866), based on a hymn by John Mason* (ca. 1645-1694). Keble wrote this hymn for the Salisbury Hymn-Book (1857). It was forthwith taken up by the compilers of the First Edition of A&M (1861), and it appeared in all editions of A&M until it was dropped by A&MR. Keble’s seven 4-line verses were based on a hymn by John Mason from his Spiritual Songs: or Songs of Praise to Almighty God Upon several Occasions (1683). In Mason’s book it was in 8-line verses (Double Common Metre), with a half-verse (6), entitled ‘A Song of Praise for Joy in the Holy Ghost’, with the first line ‘My soul doth magnify the Lord’. Keble’s imitation begins...

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