A few more years shall roll

A few more years shall roll. Horatius Bonar* (1808-1889). This was one of Bonar’s earliest hymns, written when he was minister of North Parish Church, Kelso. It was printed as a leaflet and sung at Kelso on New Year’s Day, 1843. It was published in Bonar’s Songs of the Wilderness, No 2 (1844). It had six 8-line verses. A five-verse text, omitting Bonar’s verse 5, was printed in the Appendix (1868) to the First Edition of A&M, and that remained the standard A&M version until the hymn was omitted by A&MR. The omitted verse was: A few more Sabbaths here Shall cheer us on our way, And we shall reach the endless rest, The eternal Sabbath-day. Then, O my Lord,...

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