A brighter dawn is breaking

A brighter dawn is breaking. Percy Dearmer* (1867-1936). Written for EH (1906) to fit the German tune SELNECKER (NUN LASST UNS GOTT DEM HERREN). Dearmer said that it was written for Eastertide ‘because there was a dearth of cheerful Easter tunes’ (Songs of Praise Discussed, 1933, p. 231): A brighter dawn is breaking,And earth with praise is waking;For thou, O King most highest,The power of death defiest; And thou hast come victorious,With risen Body glorious,Who now for ever livest,And life abundant givest. O free the world from blindness,And fill the world with kindness,Give sinners resurrection,Bring striving to perfection; In sickness bring us healing,In doubt thy clear...

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