¡Santo! ¡Santo! ¡Santo! Señor omnipotente

¡Santo! ¡Santo! ¡Santo! Señor omnipotente. Reginald Heber* (1783-1826), translated by Juan Bautista Cabrera* (1837–1916).  This is the most published translation or original hymn by the prominent Spanish hymn writer. Cabrera’s text is generally a straight-forward translation of Reginald Heber’s hymn though there are several textual subtleties. When a text is tied closely to a tune, as is the case with ‘Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty’* and its tune NICAEA, the melody, meter, and rhythm influence the translation. On a structural level, there are differences between the rhyme scheme and meter of ‘Holy, holy, holy’ and ‘¡Santo! ¡Santo! ¡Santo!’ Unlike Heber’s unusual rhyme scheme (AAAA),...

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